Monkey Typing Learn Free English And Hindi Typing: MonkeyType is an education portal through which you can easily learn Hindi or English typing sitting at home and improve accuracy, that too for free. Is this portal launched in 2020? For more information, read the given article carefully.

Monkey Typing Overview

On the MonkeyType website, you can get all free typing-related tools where you can play Hindi and English typing and typing games, typing baba, you can use a language translator, using an online typing keyboard, and free Links to typing tools are given to you. you can download typing notes for free

Monkey Typing Hindi Typing Learn Link

Learn Hindi TypingClick Here
Hindi Typing TestClick Here
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Monkey Typing English Typing Learn Link

Learn English TypingClick Here
English Typing TestClick Here
English Typing NotesClick Here


MonkeyType is a popular online typing test and practice platform. It allows users to measure their typing speed and accuracy by presenting them with various texts to type. The platform typically provides real-time feedback on typing speed, words per minute (WPM), accuracy, and other metrics, making it a useful tool for improving typing skills. Many people use MonkeyType to track their progress and enhance their typing proficiency for various purposes, such as work, school, or personal development.